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Prompt from meeting and responses

Date: 10-28-09
Promises, Promises

    When a reader picks up your story, he intuits that certain promises are being made. He expects you to deliver, which is why he bought you book. Fail to do so and your reader will feel his money is wasted. "But I haven't made such a promise," you protest. Well, yes, you have, even if you weren't aware of it.
    In an adventure novel, your reader expects an  victorious hero. In a romance, a successful love affair. In mystery, a logical, yet challenging , solution. See what I mean? Even if your work doesn't fit neatly into specific genre pigeon holds , you're still promising a resolution in line with any expectations you encouraged (consciously or subconsciously) in chapter one. for example, if your heroine is driven to the point of suicide by the loss of her one true love and the family farm, she better get them back , or in some way come to terms with the situation. If you fail to deliver, your readers will be confused and disappointed.

Write a short story in which your protagonist's boyfriend gives her an ultimatum: give up smoking or we're through. Write about her approach to dealing with the situational. Keep in mind that she doesn't have to give up smoking in order to fulfill the promise your make to the reader.

Word/Time/other Limitations: 250 word minimum, 1000 word max all in 1-3 hours, or until the meeting ends really. The prompt and picture are LAW but you can have things out side of them.

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Response #2:
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Prompt from meeting and responses

Date: 10-21-09
Real Motivation
What drives your character? What causes him to care about your plot in the first place? I'm not concerned with the explicit motivation imposed by the mechanics of the plot (i.e.: hero must stop villan from setting off bomb, father must win back the love of his son..etc.). No, what I'm interested in is what motivates your protagonist before your story begins. What is the psychology or personal history that helps determine his actions?
I've always found that knowing the answer to this question, even if the reader does not, enables the writer to craft a more believable story. The hero must stop the villain from setting off the bomb because of his unwavering commitment to the safety of humanity(most normal people would just let the police handle everything). The Father must win back the love of the son because he himself was once abandoned

Your story begins at a party. Write a scene in which your protagonist decides to pursue the woman behind the glasses(Picture is in photo album labeled Prompts). Rather than grounding The protagonist's motivation in lust, develop a history that adds depth to his/her motivation and informs the reader as to how he/she will try to win her over.

Word/Time/other Limitations: 250 word minimum, 1000 word max all in 30 min to an hour. The prompt and Picture are LAW but you can have things out side of them.

Through the glasses in varying states of fullness, Vlad saw a pair of bright green eyes. Read more...Collapse )

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New Website!

Hey guys!
Long time no see!
I know we haven't been in contact for a few months now but I now have a new website, formatted a little differently than the old one....with a few new interesting tools/addons that I think will be really interesting!
The web page itself is pretty standard, links to this page, Facebook and We Book as well as an added link to the online chat group on MSN.
The format of the club is one of the main changes I want to make, we will continue to meet every week but only once a month will it be in person, The other three meetings will be online, on the MSN chat group.
If you don't know what the hell I am talking about I can give you an explanation personally through email.
The other change is that I now have access to a program that lets be create more interactive versions of the 'explorations' than I have in the past.
This javascript is an example of a simple presentation I made with a yoga workout that I found on the internet.
Its a very interesting development and I hope you enjoy using it!
Mostly I will be using this to create written versions of the explorations and then go through them myself in a video type format.
The first should be up by Wednesday, I am working on it today actually.

Now before you run away screaming this isn't just a list of questions.
No, This is a list of questions you answer twice!
Once with your dominant hand and once with your non-dominant hand.
This may seem silly at first but I found my answers to be VERY interesting.
Each hand answered slightly different!
The way you answer tells a lot about why you are avoiding writing or more specifically publishing.
Just check off the sentences that apply to you and fill in the blanks that apply as well.
You might have to use block lettering for your non-dominant hand.
Check it out!

Dominant Hand:Right
1. I might get published X
2. I might not get published
3. Nobody will read my book
4. Somebody will read my book
5. It won't make the bestseller's list X
6. It will be on the bestseller's list X
7. The critics will hate it X
8. The critics will love it
9. If I'm a bestselling author I will have to give up...My computer Games, Reading.
10. If I'm a bestselling author I will have to accept...That my mother was wrong and I can write and make art.

Non-Dominant Hand:Left
1. I might get published
2. I might not get published
3. Nobody will read my book X
4. Somebody will read my book
5. It won't make the bestseller's list
6. It will be on the bestseller's list
7. The critics will hate it X
8. The critics will love it
9. If I'm a bestselling author I will have to give up...Making Money
10. If I'm a bestselling author I will have to accept...My mother's critiques.


Hey There!
I know its been awhile since we have last seen or heard from one another and I for one would like to apologize for my inactivity for the last months. I haven't been in school recently and was taking a break to work full time in an effort to increase my finances and buy a new Laptop to replace my broken one.
Well, I have a new laptop and that is where I am posting from now, after a long hiatus.
As stated before this is where all the updates for the Club will be posted on Facebook, and this will be where I will post the written works you submit.
No written works have been submitted so this is going to remain pretty empty as of yet....please email what you guys have done I would really love to see it!
Alrighty then...TTFN!


are we still a club?


March 11
Hey everyone!
and welcome to the new member!
Long time no update huh?
Well here's whats been going on:
1. Aaron has just about finished the prologue for the group project and by April I will begin working on the first chapter. I will be posting it on WeBook.com under DeAnza Writers, just to have it all in one place for simplicities sake.
2. Anthony has brought up the idea that we need money...and has put up the idea that we should have a sale of some kind to raise money. If anyone else has any other ideas...please post on the discussion topic section.
3. We were looking for activities to do around town and if you have any ideas....the discussion topic section is open!
4. to specify: updates will appear here on Facebook, Livejournal will be where I will post written work that you submit and the website with be where I will post Explorations and the calender.

Recent News

Hey everyone!
I went to the aforementioned writers meet and greet at Cupertino Community hall and it was a blast!
There were only 12 people there, including me, and the small number making for an intimate setting that lasted for about 1 hour and a half. The time flew by as we asked questions of Ms. Kurts and it was alot of fun...be sure to pick up a copy of her books, she's been writing for over thirty years and has a plethera of writings out there if you want to look!
I suppose I get my ideas in three major ways: primarily, I imagine that I am the villain of somebody else’s story, or some character or other apart from the protagonist (like a forgotten girlfriend, or some oblivious perpetrator) and I frame a story around that personage, or, alternatively, I might find the neglected figure in a painting, song, filmstrip, opera, or textbook and justify their insignificance, and if none of those work, then I just imagine the least talented of my colleagues and the biggest failures that I know, and I desecrate their graves with irony and hygiene products.

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